Blue is the colour

Main Image 01 October 2015

Architects and specifiers across the UK are showing an increasing appetite for blue masonry to provide the required colour, surface texture and reflectance value within sports halls across the country.

To provide the ideal solution, we took the decision to source a blue pigment and extend our range of Dense Concrete Masonry with the addition of a highly unusual new Blue block, developed to create non-distracting internal finishes within sports halls.

The new Blue Block isn’t exclusive for use within sports halls. With its striking finish it can provide specifiers with the flexibility to create awe-inspiring corridors, offices and classrooms and provides architects with lower on-going maintenance costs.  

You can get our new Blue Block in any one of the following finishes:

  • Fairfaced which provides a structural product and finish in one
  • Shot-blasted which provides a weathered appeal
  • Burnished Venezia and Polished Florentine which is used to create expanses of reflective walls.

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