Curve appeal

Main Image 01 October 2015

Radial precast concrete specials have been around for years enabling architects and specifiers to create curved masonry blockwork such as radius walls and columns. However, these specials often come with frustratingly lengthy lead times and can prove particularly expensive. 

To provide architects and specifiers with a cost effective and more readily available substitute, we have added a new Radius Block to our range of Dense Concrete Masonry. Boasting a 490mm outer radius, the new curved block softens the aesthetic of standard masonry block and provides a far greater blend with standard masonry.

With a half block option also available which provides a 185mm outer face, you can add a range of distinctive highlights and deliver subtly curved masonry blockwork to any build.

You can get our new Radius Block in all standard Dense Concrete Masonry colours. Finishes in the range include:

  • Shot-blasted for a weathered appeal
  • Fairfaced for a smooth but structural product
  • And our Burnished Venezia and Polished Florentine used to create expanses of reflective walls.

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