Old style for new roofs

Main Image 01 July 2014

Replacing roof tiles following a bout of harsh weather or simply due to age can be costly and frustrating for homeowners struggling to replicate the existing roof scape.

To provide architects and specifiers with the ideal solution, we’ve worked closely with a number of clients to develop a new weathered finish for our Gemini range. The new Gemini Traditional Sandfaced range has a riven textured appearance, giving an older, weathered finish.

They have been specifically designed as interlocking tiles which are just 270mm x 337mm overall, yet because of a carefully judged central groove and innovative ‘double cambered’ design, they have the appearance of two traditional plain tiles side by side when laid, effectively laying two tiles at a time.

Available in two new colours, the Ember Blend and the Mercia Blend, we’re confident that our new Traditional Sandfaced tile will help create exciting and interesting streetscape for any development, helping buildings to sit perfectly within their environment.

Specifically developed as an alternative to plain tiles, the Gemini tiles offer a carbon reduction of 40% per roof when compared to concrete plain tiles. They have a pleasing aesthetic, are easy-to-install and high in quality. 

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